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No mutiny, Nimule is safe – EES authorities

By William Madouk


Authorities in Eastern Equatoria State (EES) have refuted as fabrication, a claim from infamous group, on social media, warning civilians to vacate Nimule town.

The state authorities assured residents and travelers that there is no such thing as a planned mutiny, saying the area is safe, serene, and at peace.

Speaking to No. 1 Citizen Daily Newspaper via phone yesterday, the state acting police commissioner, Maj. Gen. John Luny, termed the viral statement a ‘fabrication.’

He said such a report concocted by ‘anti-peace’ elements aimed to create needless panic among civil populations.

“There is no other problem inside Torit; even the surroundings of the counties are quiet,” Gen. Luny said.

The acting police commissioner was surprised of the name of the alleged group purporting to destabilize Nimule town.

“It is a surprise for me to hear that from you that there are groups called ‘joint Command Council’, I don’t know. This is my first time to hear this name,” he exclaimed.

Luny appealed to the public to remain calm as police launch an investigation to find out the actors behind such wild utterances.

“Your government is working very hard to track down those criminals, those who are creating havoc in the state,” he stressed.

He calls for calm, saying the government is in control.

“I’m asking you to remain calm and wait for your government. In case of anything, the government of this state is standing behind you,” he added.

Similarly, the commissioner of Magwi County, Otto David Remson, informed the public to discard the worrying statement, which he termed propaganda.

“The government of Magwi County is informing the general public that there is nothing like a rebel in such a name that attacked the barrack in Nimule; it is propaganda,” Remson said in a statement.

He urged the people to conduct their daily businesses as usual and also have a safe voyage without fear that any mishap might befall along the Nimule-Juba highway.

“I want to inform businesspeople, partners operating in Magwi County, and travelers from Nimule to Juba that the area is very safe to travel on highways without any fear,” he consoled.

He added that the Magwi community are peace lovers, and there is no way they would accept any rebellion in their areas.

Mr. Remson further stated that his community rallies behind the implementation of the revitalized peace deal.

“Therefore, the government of Magwi County is warning those who want to be anti-peace and fulfil their own obligations in the name of Magwi County,” he continued.

He also noted that security organs will continue to guard the citizens of the county and will deter criminals who want to disturb the serenity in the state.

These responses from Eastern Equatoria State and Magwi County authorities came after a group calling itself ‘Joint Command Council (JCC) allied to one John Aborecup, alleged that they had sieged Nimule and asked the civilians in Nimule town and surrounding areas to vacate.

The alleged JCC also warned travelers and truckers not to use the Nimule-Juba highway, or they would be observed as camouflaged carriers of military cargo.

“Civilians across South Sudan are advised to purchase enough food as the Nimule Road will be closed until the government agrees to pay each private soldier in the armed forces a salary of $ 200 per month,” partly reads the group’s statement.

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