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Police investigates Biar’s disappearance

By Mamer Abraham


National Police Service (SSNPS) has launched an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the disappearance of activist, Biar Ajak Marol.

Biar, the Executive Director of Junubin Chronicles, a civil society organization, is reported to have last been seen on 4th October. He reportedly left his house in the morning without informing the family or friends on where he was heading and never came back.

Biar was later declared “missing” the following day after finding his car abandoned near Freedom Bridge.

Police spokesperson, Daniel Justin told No. 1 Citizen Daily Newspaper yesterday that the force has already registered a case and started investigations.

“The case was reported to us; we registered the case; we made an announcement, and our people are gathering some more information about where he was last seen,” Justin said.

Justin called upon anyone who might find him or have any information, to report to a nearby police station.

“But also, we are urging the public that if somebody has any information about him, he is to come to us and report,” he added.

Jacob Bill, Biar’s colleague at Junubin Chronicles said that all he knew was that the police are still investigating the disappearance.

Bill and his other colleagues were briefly held by police days after they went around in search of the missing friend, but to no avail.

“I haven’t heard any updates because since I was released, I have been home. What I know is that the police are still doing the investigation, and we have not been told how far they have gone or what exactly they are doing,” Bill said.

According to him, nobody has so far reported any information about Biar’s whereabouts or having seen him on the day of his disappearance.

He said although others claim Biar might have been held hostage, the claim still remains unverified.

“There are no eyewitnesses; all we have are rumors.” Those are just rumors without verification. No one came up and said that I saw him somewhere or that I saw him being taken somewhere,” Bill continued.

Alaak Deng Ajang, a maternal uncle to Biar, shared a post on social media asking anyone who has information about his nephew to report it and receive a bounty, without his identity being revealed.

“Please, people in Juba, I appeal to you: if you heard or have any information about this missing person, Biar Ajak Marol, aka Biar Aguer Deng-ayang, please contact me, and I will give you a prize in cash, and your identity will not be revealed,” Alaak said.

Last week, Biar’s mother, Aguer Deng Ajang, also posted a message on social media urging her family members, relatives, and friends to pray for her son, adding that she was a widow.

A civil rights activist, Bol Deng Bol, recently appealed for arbitrary arrests and forced disappearances to be brought to a halt. 

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