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Irregular promotions breed indiscipline-Police

By William Madouk


Rising indiscipline cases among police officers are attributed to promotion irregularities in the department.

Assistant Inspector General of Police for Administration and Finance, Lt. Gen. Abraham Manyuat, revealed on Monday.

Lt. Gen. Manyuat laid out factors hindering police performance as expected by the general public, with promotion of junior officers at the expense of their seniors, being the top cause.

“With the promotion of the officers, we are facing the issue of indiscipline; discipline in the police has become chaotic; you get that someone behind you has been promoted and you who’s ahead is left, and this has made discipline challenging, which is not good,” Manyuat said.

The police officer noted that better for military, it’s built on seniority, “and even if you are promoted, seniority remains one of the differences,” he added.

Lt-Gen Manyuat was speaking before police officers during a joint briefing by the Minister of Interior, Angelina Teny, and Inspector General of Police, General Majak Akech, at the police headquarters in Buluk.

He also touched on the importance of introducing pensions in order to clear the pay sheets of aging officers.

Besides, he complained of a low budget for training, citing that newly integrated officers earnestly need training to catch up with their colleagues.

“We don’t have social services, and it starts with the police hospital. If we manage to alleviate our hospital to treat wives and children of police officers at half price, then we have done something great,” he continued.

Manyuat hinted on the necessity of a cooperative society to enable police to improve their living standards.

The minister of Interior, Angelina Teny [photo by William Madouk]
For her part, the minister of interior, Angelina Teny (pictured), said her docket would think outside the box to make sure that the police hospital is revived and render service to officers and their families.

On pension, Mrs. Teny said the only challenge was that the Ministry of Finance is withholding the money meant for retirement funds, but she assured that she would work hard to ensure that the dream is realized.

“We will continue to put pressure on the Ministry of Finance to raise their contribution to the pension account,” said Teny.

According to her, the deployment of unified forces could bring an end to a lot of loopholes during promotion processes.

“We think that once everyone goes through the unification process, it will end a lot of these irregularities,” she noted.

“It will end because of transitional security arrangements. Some articles talk about the transformation of organized forces. There will be a white paper on security and defense because this is a national strategy for the whole security sector,” Teny added.

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