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Japan seeks South Sudan’s support for nuclear-free world

By Charles K Mark


Chargé d’affaires of the Embassy of Japan and South Sudan’s deputy minister foreign affairs minister, on Monday discussed a partnership to champion a nuclear-weapon-free world campaign.

In the meeting, Ms. Watanabe Tomoko delivered a letter to Hon. Ramadan Mohamed Abdallah Goc, from the Japan Foreign Minister, Kamikawa Yoko, to his counterpart, Hon. Dr. James Pitia Morgan.

According to Hon. Goc, the letter seeks South Sudan’s support for the draft resolution entitled “Steps to Building a Common Roadmap towards a World without Nuclear Weapons.”

“The resolution was submitted by Japan to the 78th Session of the First Committee of the United Nations General Assembly earlier this month,” the Deputy Minister recalled.

On receiving the letter, Hon. Goc urged the Japanese government to lead the campaign for a world without nuclear weapons.

The deputy foreign Affairs minister also assured of South Sudan’s working cooperation with the government of the Republic of Japan.

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