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The truths that motivational gurus will never tell you

There is nothing like a positive sum game. All shows up when the reality hits that every kind of person you meet leads two different lives. You have got friends who are too good to you but bad to other people. This is one person playing different games with the same cards.

You don’t have the right to call someone good when they present that part to you. There is no such as a bad or a good person. Human beings are bad and good but the virtuous of all is the one who chooses not to be both.

When you are bad to me and good to others. I will not call you a bad person. You are one person trying to live in two worlds. I don’t always judge people and I don’t expect every smile towards me to be a real one. People’s teeth don’t impress me.

People laugh for a number of reasons; it could be that you are not looking good, or you have messed something. That is not a real smile. And tears too will never move me. There is no such thing as tears of joy, maybe in Hollywood films or books.

How would you call that friend who will shed tears during your graduation?  It means a lot but if you cannot shed tears that day, it also means something else.

I don’t know much but tears are too important to be shed. Human beings regardless of their backgrounds in life can bend the rules and have their seats at the table of men. You can come from nothing and change the trajectory of your life without getting lucky.

You have to be careful with those who cry when you make a step-in life. Those people didn’t believe that you would make it. If there were someone who should shed tears, it would be you because of the hell you went through.

Every person has that evil part in them and a lion or lioness in them too. Not those who are strong today will remain so forever. You don’t know what tomorrow holds in store for the weak. You must be weak to be strong. You cannot be rich without knowing the inevitable fangs of poverty.

Not every happy person is happy. You may be happier than that person. Do you think money is the source of happiness? Of course, why not?  I think we don’t have problems. What we call problems are expenses.

If you cannot take your mom to hospital, that is not a problem, it is an expense that needs money. Money too teaches us something about trust.

How did the whole world come to agree that money, a piece of paper, would be used as a medium of exchange? It is trust. People put their trust in money that it would be given in exchange for goods sold or services given. If you don’t have trust in marriage, that family will break apart.   This is why I don’t throw tantrums at those people with money.

I don’t even judge those who steal public funds to better themselves. These are people who have failed to work for them, so they can’t imagine their survival without stealing for a living. When you catch a thief, don’t beat him to death. That is a crime against the law of nature.

People are all thieves, but we only refrain ourselves because we know it is bad. There are things that force people to do certain things. Don’t judge every mad person you meet on the way. Some are not mad but trying to run away from their problems or responsibilities.

We can call them those who have given up the fight. There is no sickness, you can get sick of life and that will lead you to madness. You think those with cars are ahead of you. Why they may drive faster than you and end up in an accident. You are not always behind. Don’t compare.

What about those who live for praise? This is one of the businesses I would advise you not to trade in. If you want to enjoy the little you have, live as if nobody exists. You cannot please everyone in life. I have no respect for those who work their tails off to be praised. That is a blind business.

You will never arrive there.  You can make your name and have the attention of the whole world and the story changes when you kick the bucket. Whoever went to bed yesterday with Kobe Bryant or Mohammed Ali last night? You only get to remember when they come across their videos. In the next millennium, it won’t make sense to think about these people because we would be all gone.

Lest I forget, not all those who eat nice foods can lead healthy lives, and not all those who are healthy can live longer. Life has a way of getting us down on our knees. You can be a beautiful lady and end up getting married to the wrong man.

Don’t admire those with big stomachs; some of them can’t sleep at night. There are no bright students; there are only committed ones. You can be a hard-working person but on the wrong things. You can be very active in class and the lecturer gives you an F for being very stubborn. You cannot challenge your teacher and expect them to give all you that you deserve.

Don’t believe in motivational speakers. They speak true lies because some of them are not stable. Even some of your church priests are not what you think they are.  When you pray, don’t ask God for solutions because he will never do that. Ask him for strength to tackle the problems.

There is nobody who is greater than the other. The truth is we are skeletons in the closet. Not all with nice voices can make good singers.

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