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Over 4,000 unified forces without food

By Yien Gattour Mead


Over 4,000 unified forces in Unity State’s Leer County at Muom Training Centre have remained without food, and medicine for seven months after they graduated from the centre.

Speaking to No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper on Tuesday, the chairperson of the training centre, Brigadier General, Peter Phar Tai said the situation of the forces was dire and appealed for immediate food, and medicine supplies.

“We have been seven months without food, and medicine supplies and we have been unable to meet our basic needs since we left our areas.”

He said they arrived at a training centre three years ago.

“The forces left the cantonment side in February 2020 to the training centre, because there were no medical drugs and food to unified forces.”

The 4,000 unified forces most of them depended on fishing in rivers after they knew that they had no food, or medicine because they didn’t want to leave the training centre that’s why they kept themselves to fish and collected firewood in forests.

“Our unified forces defended fishing and collected firewood to support their lives because they didn’t have anything on their hand that’s the reason for them.

“The situation is very difficult and an unknown number of people died in the training centre because of sickness and hunger,” he said.

“Since we arrived at Muom training centre, there has been no food or medicines. We just wait for nothing.”

Meanwhile, Major General Lul Ruai Koang, the SSPDF spokesperson confirmed the shortage of medicine and food supplies in the Upper Nile region not only Muom training centre in Unity State.

The team is working very hard to supply food to the Upper Nile region before the end of this month.

“The logistics team loading the food to all training centres in the Upper Nile region, and will be departing very soon to the training centre in Upper Nile before the end of this month.

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