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A woman commits suicide

By Yang Ater Yang


A 30-year-old lady has committed suicide by hanging, in Yali Payam, of Yirol East County, Lakes State.

State Police spokesperson Elijah Mabor Makuac confirmed that the woman, a mother of an undisclosed number of children, committed suicide on Thursday in her own house.

Mabor said the police are still investigating the motive and cause behind the suicide incident.

“These are the few things that happened in the last 72 hours. We were not informed about the number of her children, but the investigation is still going on after such a tragic incident,” he said.

When asked how many kids the deceased had left, Maj. Mabor said they could not immediately establish the information about the children simply because people were still in mourning and you wouldn’t ask somebody for such details.

“I am sure we shall also get information about how many children she left behind,” he noted.

The police spokesperson appeals to members of the public to always share their troubles with close relatives and friends to avoid the temptation of suicide.

“I usually advise people that when you have any issue, please try to share with other people so that you can be helped out; somebody else may give you an idea, and that idea may help you out,” Maj. Mabor advised.

“Don’t just keep your secrets until later; it leads you in a dangerous direction,” he continued.

He emphasized the need to always share one’s worries and other difficulties with other people whenever you come across any problem.


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