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Northern Bahr el Ghazal to vaccinate 1.2 million cattle

By Hou Akot Hou


Northern Bahr El Ghazal state Ministry of Animal Resources plans to vaccinate over 1.2 million sheep and goats in the state.

The Ministry’s Director General, Samuel Ajing Uguak, announced on Friday that livestock will be vaccinated against anthrax.

Uguak stated numerous animal deaths, which are detrimental to farmers.

Anthrax causes splenic fever and is a deadly disease. He added that the partner United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (UNFAO) had made a donation of the injections against anthrax and will be delivered free of charge.

Uguak revealed that the massive vaccination will begin next week, and no fee will be demanded.

“This round no money will be demanded. The UNFAO has donated these injections and the logistics and incentives for the vaccinators’ pay will be handled by UNFAO and nothing will be asked. So, I want to assure you that never pay anything to those people going door-door vaccinating. They will vaccinate your goats and sheep free of charge,” said Ajing.

He appeals to the residents across the state to be home as the vaccinators will be visiting them.

Most of the citizens in the state and region at large are dependent on the livestock during difficult times of economic downfall as they sell them to rescue themselves from the challenges and upheavals they face.

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