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Deputy Chair of Jonglei land investigation Committee resigns

By Mamer Abraham

The deputy chairperson for the investigation committee to probe the land row in Jonglei State has resigned over the orders of the SPLM chairman and Deputy Governor Akech Dengdit.

Abraham Mamer Kur, the minister for housing, land, and public utilities in Jonglei State, said in a statement seen by this outlet on Sunday that the governor made the head of the investigation committee a minister from another ministry instead of him because the case was under his ministry.

“The Ministry of Housing, Land, and Public Utilities has a legal and constitutional mandate to oversee land issues in all the territories of Jonglei State and those within the jurisdiction of the minister to present them to the council of ministers; however, it was a great shock to receive your Excellency’s order forming the High-Level Committee, which is headed by different ministers apart from me as minister concerned, and you put me as deputy, and this is my ministry,” he explained.

He stated clearly that he had withdrawn from the committee because his party chairman had ordered him to withdraw.

“Your Excellency, this is in line with the directives from the SPLM chairman, reference no. DG.O.1.1.A dated October 20, 2023, addressed to you, your Excellency, by the deputy governor and chairman of the SPLM party that all the SPLM members in the High-Level Committee are withdrawn from the committee, so your Excellency, I have withdrawn as a directive from my chairman,” he concluded.

The state governor, Denay Jock Chagor, issued a gubernatorial order on October 19, forming a committee to investigate irregularities in the allotment of land in Bor Town, Jonglei State.

“I, Denay Jock Chagor, governor of Jonglei, do hereby issue this gubernatorial order for the formation of a high-level committee to investigate the former mayor and the head of legal administration in Bor town for unlawful land agreements,” partly reads the order seen by this outlet.

The decree ordered an investigation into the former mayor of Bor, who was claimed to have unlawfully allotted land to some individuals in the state capital. The committee formed was headed by James Mawcih Makuach, with Abraham Mamer Kur as the deputy.

The issue included the revocation of the allocation of plots No. 282 and 444 to Women Vegetables Group, Plots No. 1 and 2 to Zain Company, and Plot No. 88 to the public toilet.
However, the deputy governor disagreed with the governor, stressing that the governor did not make decisions or seek approval from the cabinet.

In a rebuttal, Deputy Governor Jacob Akech Dengdit rejected the order, citing that it lacked consultation and cabinet approval.

“Lack of consultation and approval by the council of ministers on the decision to form the above committee in light of the peace agreement and reference to the president’s directive on ‘cooperation and collegial governance of the state’” said Dengdit.

“The above decision is unilateral and against the spirit of the revitalized peace agreement and presidential directives,” he argued.

Bor High Court

The high court judge, John Yel Aleu, ruled that plots No. 444 and 282 of the women’s vegetable group should remain until the high court makes its decision on them.

“Execution for order No. 18/2023 date: 27-3-2023 on the plots numbers 444 and 282 block Marol one at Bor town to be stayed until the decision of the high court,” said judge Aleu in a statement.

“The parties are to be served with a copy of the decree,” he added.

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