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Former Warrap governor urges leaders to seek divine guidance 

By Santino Koor Mayen Aru


Former Governor of Warrap State, Gen. Aleu Alieny Aleu, has called on the leaders and youth of South Sudan to turn to God for lasting peace in the country.

Speaking at the preparation of the Holy Supper in Juba Central Church (Seventh-day Adventist), Alieny urged the youth to forgive each other and pick up the word of God for peace to last.

“I am taking this opportunity to appeal to our youth of South Sudan as an elder, we have wasted so much time, this country with all the wealth we have in it will never move ahead unless we are spiritually directed,” Aliency stated.

“We need the generation of youth who lead in God to take over from us, I always pray God to bless youth to come back to God, it’s time to serve Jesus as I took my membership in the Seventh-day Adventist church,” he said.

The former governor stressed that the leaders of South Sudan have done enough in the war and it is time to return to God for full revival and forgiveness.

“We are alive because God was with us, although some of us died, they died because our Lord wants them for another mission in heaven, so I have appealed for our brothers and sisters to spiritually correct ourselves and let’s all be faith to our Lord’’ he lamented.

For his part, Pastor Joseph Dut Aleu applauded the youth of South Sudan for being faithful to God and waiting patiently for peace to be realized in the country.

He said that as church leaders, it is their mission to preach the word of God for youth to be ambassadors of peace.

South Sudan, a young African nation, gained independence in 2011 and has been in war for many years.

The Revitalized Transitional Government of National Unity (RTGNOU) was formed to end the war but its implementation is moving at a slow pace.

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