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South Sudan strengthens ties with Kuwait

By Aweye Teddy Onam


National Legislative Assembly has approved a report for the formation of a joint commission to strengthen bilateral relations with the State of Kuwait.

Chairperson of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation committee, Joseph Malwal Dong, tabled the report to the August House.

Once established, the commission that will be inclusive of working groups, prepares agendas, coordinates, and follow up its sessions.

The working group may include businessmen and women members of the chamber of commerce.

After deliberation, lawmakers passed the report for establishing the commission, stressing that Kuwait had previously assisted the Southern Sudan regional government with various projects.

These projects include the Al Sabah Hospital for Children in Juba, houses for teachers in Juba, a plot of land for the construction of the South Sudan embassy premises in Kuwait, and the construction of houses for loans in Hai Kuwait in Juba.

Lawmaker Peter Gatkuoth Mayon, representing Jonglei state, believes that South Sudan needs to make bilateral relations with Kuwait for its development and growth.

Another lawmaker, Justin Joseph Marona, the chairperson on public service and human resource development said Kuwait has had a good relationship with Southern Sudan since the 1970s.

“Kuwait, under its ambassador Abdallah Bishara, has created a friendly relationship with South Sudan since 1970, contributing to humanitarian assistance and strategic processes,” he said.

With a population of 4 million and a GTP of 204 billion, Kuwait remains a rich country among Gulf states, providing opportunities for investment and building strategic relationships between the two countries.

Lawmaker Gatluak Nyuot, representing Akobo County in Jonglei state, urges the House to strongly ratify this important agreement to put South Sudan’s steps forward in development and create a good international relationship.

Rt. Hon. Oyet Nathaniel, the first deputy said it critical to include women in the commission, urging the president to be considerate of Women in forming the commission.

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