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The world of endless problems

Existence of evil in the world today is very appalling and some religious scholars had it that something must be really wrong with our world or the decision to create the world and its living creatures wasn’t properly made by God.

Every year there are several catastrophes including manmade ones that maim and destroy thousands or even millions of lives. We see heart-breaking images on social media and the news about starving people who had barely anything to eat. Children were abandoned to fend for themselves because the parents either got killed or were unable to provide for the children’s needs.

We see drought-scorched earth and homes ruined in the aftermath of war. We watch people who are always on the run for their lives because the country itself is running. When we see these things, our hearts are shaken, shocked, and grieved by the extent of suffering.

Things become extremely hard, and we feel like we are caught in life’s most inescapable trap. And indeed, we are.  The pain gets deep and hard to deal with.

Getting a meal is a struggle that has to be fought with all the might until one gets down on his knees.

It causes warm tears to involuntarily flow down our cheeks when we think about life and the costs of living.

There are more problems than solutions in our broken world.  Our parents got divorced.  Children die before reaching eighteen years of age and the future looks far distant.

No sign and no glimmer of hope. Everything seemed lost. Tragedy hits before we understand the first one and we ran short of words to explain what has just happened.

When we see our loved one being laid to rest and when we have nothing to eat and no school fees for our kids. We only sit down, compose ourselves, and ask God to give us hope even when the signs of what we need can’t be seen.  It is hard but let us move on together. Nobody should be left behind in this critical time be it rich or poor, woman or child, able or disabled.

We must bury our differences and strive for a better world where each and every one feels loved and accepted.  Let us lift each other’s hand in time of need.  Life is painful.  Life is difficult. Life is a decision we make, and it needs us to be united.

The fact that you are brown, white, black, or from a different region does not make you a different human being. We are one family and there is a need to make life simple for all and sundry.  The people we meet on the street are just like us and they desire a better world as we do.

The way you run on a daily basis to get things done is the same way others do but things aren’t just going right on their side, and they need us to give them courage that will let them believe that it is near.

We are one united in diversity and needs and that should be in our mind always.

Many horrible things happen to people all the time.  For instance, there are students who are not sure whether they will be able to resume their studies because of high tuition fees.

There are families who live on one meal a day and many strange things that reduce people’s hope for a better tomorrow. All these can never be solved within a day or two but when we come together as one family, we can make life easier for everyone. It wasn’t anyone’s fault that life should be as painful as it is today. We have never thought of a world where life would be hard life like this.

We have never dreamt of a world where guns would be used to settle issues but our choices have made this world real. The pain and the continued suffering that has engulfed our hope are and were a result of the choices we have made.

Why can’t we drop everything and start a new beginning? Can’t we see the tears of the weeping women and children and the increase of roadside beggars? We must all be aware of what is going on and it will heal the pain and make life meaningful if we accept the fact that we are one and we must love others just the way they are.

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