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Rumbek rolls out COVID-19 vaccination

By Yang Ater


Lakes State Ministry of Health, in collaboration with partners, launched J&J COVID-19 vaccination drive in Rumbek Central County.

The campaign, which commenced on Monday, is targeting 27,768 people aged 18 and older.

Director General of the Lakes State Health Ministry, Dr. Hakim Makuer Gol, said this is the third round of COVID-19 vaccination in the region.

“We started at the first time when COVID-19 started to attack everyone, and a second round was conducted, and this is a third round along with all other vaccinations that exceeded this one,” said Dr. Hakim.

He noted that Lakes State was doing better in terms of administering the jab to the populace in the state.

“We have managed to convince and deliver the service of the vaccine from the town to the village, and that one has happened,” he said.

The State Health Ministry DG commended the efforts exerted by all the team members at the different levels for the commitment that they have put forward to serve the lives of innocent people.

John Deng Machiek, county health officer of Rumbek Central County, who doubles as the acting county medical officer (CMO), announced that they launched the third round of the COVID-19 vaccination campaign in Rumbek Central County.

He said the target number for Rumbek Central County is 27,768 people who have yet to get the jab.

“We are encouraging all the citizens of Rumbek Central County to go and attend the vaccination teams that are being distributed across Rumbek Central County”.

He stressed that those who have already gotten their first and second doses are eligible to come and get a third booster dose of the vaccine.

The acting county medical officer, however, noted that now they don’t have many cases of COVID-19 infection in Rumbek.

“We have no cases in the infectious disease unit (IDU).” Deng stated.

He underscored that there are mobile vaccination teams that ride motorcycles to cover far-to-reach populations, like those in cattle and fishing camps.

There are five payams under Rumbek Central County, including Rumbek Town, that are currently covered by the ongoing vaccination drive, according to county health authorities.

Deputy paramount of Rumbek Central County and acting head chief of Matangai Payam, Sultan Makur Kedit Ngong, said” When we didn’t know, we thought it was a medicine for poisoning people, and now it has become a medicine for protection against COVID-19″.

He urged everyone over the age of 18 to be vaccinated, including women.

“We want everyone in the community to stop doubting that the government is planning to poison the people. The government can’t poison her own citizens,” the local chief assured.

Chief Makur, who has taken his jab, said he went first to be exemplary to the rest, and he told the locals to turn up for the vaccination, saying no one should miss.

Mary Keer Malok One Rumbek resident said she had refused the jab in the past two vaccination campaigns, but today (Monday), she will receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

“I was one of those who refused to be vaccinated completely, but now I will receive a COVID-19 injection here in Matangai Payam, and I will not refuse again,” she said.

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