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Angelina encourages women to participate in elections

By Mamer Abraham


Minister of Interior, Angelina Teny urges women in politics to launch a full-scale involvement in democracy within their respective parties.

The minister was speaking at the opening of the women’s conference organized by Eve Organization at Radisson Blu, on Wednesday.

She said that women faced challenges related to nominations, during the 2010 elections and such issues should be rectified.

“You, as women within your own political parties, have to work hard to ensure that your internal democratic processes contribute to free, fair, and credible elections that will ensure the participation of women and other sections of society,” she said.

According to the minister, the past challenges are important lessons to talk about, for political parties to correct.

“We should take into consideration that the will of the people is one person to decide to nominate. In fact, you,” the minister stressed.

She noted the contrast between 2010 election and the current time, where women are part of the security forces.

She stressed that women must have their share of responsibility in ensuring that there is a free, fair, and credible democratic election in December 2024.

“The takeaway is with us from our own parties to ensure we have, based on our constitutions, credible, democratic processes internally,” Angelina stated.

She noted another lesson in participation of women in election security and creating an environment that allows for freedom to campaign and freedom of expression.

“I noticed in that election that women were not participating as observers. Women were not participating as people in uniforms,” she noted.

Meanwhile, the national minister of gender, child, and social welfare, Ayaa Benjamin Warile, urges women to participate in decisions to gear the country towards full-scale development.

“The theme of this conference is building inclusive democracy, and today we are looking at one of the pillars of women’s security, which is women’s leadership and political participation,” she stated.

Ayaa explained that women should have a share objective to analyze current events and lay strategy on making the country a better place for all.

“We need to make this country more peaceful, more inclusive, and also how we can participate in the development,” she added.

South Sudan is expected to hold its first-ever general elections in December 2024 since it attained independence in 2011.

However, there is a lack of confidence among the political parties, citing a lack of political and civic space.

On Wednesday, the Speaker of the Transitional National Legislative Assembly, Jemma Nunu Kumba, told the Interparliamentary Union in Angola that the government was committed to conducting elections without fail.

She noted the progress made by the parliament geared towards ensuring transparency and accountability as well as building trust and confidence.

“The laws include the Public Finance and Accountability Act, the Anti-Corruption Commission Act, the Constitutional Making Act, the Elections Act, the Political Parties Act, and other related legislation,” Nunu added.

She continued that the government was also committed to the representation of women in top leadership positions.

She said the National Legislative Assembly had 33.7 percent female representation, including the speaker, while the executive arm of the government had 22 percent female representation.

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