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Jonglei gov’t commended for tackling Women’s land dispute

By Mamer Abraham


Jonglei Civil Society Network praises the move by the state government to resolve a land dispute involving women group vegetable garden, in Bor town.

Bol Deng Bol, the chairperson of Jonglei Civil Society Network (JCSN), hails the state government for transparent and accountable resource management.

“This statement intends to appreciate the initiative of Jonglei State to embark on accountability over the management of public resources by both former and current public servants,” the civil society chairperson said.

He said that the formation of a committee aimed at investigating and addressing land-related scandals that transpired during the tenure of the former Mayor of Bor Municipal Council, is of public interest.

“We believe that this exercise if sustained, can challenge the chronic impunity that has hindered provision of social amenities to the civil population,” he stressed.

Bol said Jonglei Women Vegetable Group was vulnerable after their land was taken away by the strong and wealthy, to construct on it.

He noted with dismay, that the women, some, breadwinners in their families, are left wondering in the market, searching for a strategic place.

“This is disheartening to imagine their resultant conditions,” he exclaimed.

He urged the investigation committee to speed up the exercise so that transparency and accountability could be ensured.

“It is worth noting that principles such as transparency, accountability, and justice are significant pillars that ought to be promoted in all aspects,” he expressed.

On Sunday, the deputy chairperson of the investigation committee for the land row in Jonglei State resigned over an order from SPLM chairman, who is also state Deputy Governor, Akech Dengdit.

Abraham Mamer Kur, the minister for housing, land, and public utilities in Jonglei State said the governor made the head of the investigation committee a minister from another ministry instead of him because the case was under his ministry.

The committee that was formed by Jonglei State governor, Denay Jock Chagor, on October 19 to investigate the irregularities in the allotment of land in Bor Town was unwelcomed by his own deputy, Akech Dengdit.

Dengdit claimed that the governor did not make consultations and sought approval from the cabinet before the revocation of the order to rid the women of their land.

The ruling of the high court judge, John Yel Aleu, stated that plots No. 444 and 282 of the women’s vegetable group should remain until the high court makes its decision on them.

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