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South Sudan speaker congratulates IPU president-elect, Dr. Tulia Ackson

By Victor Dodo


Speaker of the National Legislative Assembly Jemma Nunu Kumba has congratulated the newly elected president of the Global Interparliamentary Union Dr. Tulia Ackson.

On Friday, delegates at the 147th Assembly of the Interparliamentary Union elected Rt. Hon Tulia Ackson, speaker of Tanzania’s parliament 31st the president of the IPU with 172 votes.

She replaces Mr. Duarte Pacheco from Portugal since his election in 2020.

Three hundred and three (303) votes were cast and Dr Tulia Ackson needed at least half of all the votes which amounts to 152 to emerge as the winner.

Speaker Nunu commended the president-elect, the continent of Africa, the East African region, the United Republic of Tanzania, the women of Africa and other women across the globe for the tremendous milestones and assured the new president of her unwavering and resolute support as she prepares to the take up her new assignment.

For 25 years, the presidency of the IPU has been occupied by parliamentarians from Spain, India, Italy, Namibia, Morocco, Egypt, Bangladesh, and Portugal.

The president elect as head of the Interparliamentary Union is tasked to among others preside over all sessions of the IPU and represent the organization at international events.

Her presidency will run for three terms, and she must maintain her status as a member of parliament through her tenure.

The results of the ballot as below,

  1. Mrs. Adji Diarra Mergane Kanoute’(Senegal) received 52 votes.
  2. Mrs. Catherine Gotani Hara (Malawi) received 61 votes.
  3. Mrs. Marwa Abdibashir Hagi (Somalia) received 11 votes.
  4. Mrs. Tulia Ackson (United Republic of Tanzania) received 172 votes.

Over 130 parliamentarians from across the world including South Sudan delegation headed by the speaker of the National Legislative Assembly Jemma Nunu Kumba participated in the five-day event from 23rd -27th October 2023.

The Interparliamentary Union is a global organization of national parliaments dedicated to promoting peace through parliamentary diplomacy and dialogue, and sustainable development around the world.

It has since grown into a truly global organization with 180 Members and 14 Associate Members.

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