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Don’t create negative theories against others

It is easy to judge people especially when they are going through some difficult moments of their lives. People simply think that those who are poor are just the way they are because of poor life choices, or they are lazy. Others think that those who are enjoying their early hours of success might have shed blood to make their way out of poverty but I must be clear here.

This is just a lie and when you think like this, you will live to regret, and you will never enjoy anything until you are completely lowered in your grave. We all know what it takes to escape unforgiving fangs of poverty and poverty is hated. If given a choice, I think nobody will for poverty and if those who are poor were just poor because of poor life choices or because of laziness, I think they would have changed their habits a long time ago to escape this monster.

There are some things that we should understand the first being the struggle to make it out of poverty. The daily struggle. The prayer. Long hours with books and sleepless nights coupled with long hours in class with empty stomach signifies our desire to find our way out of this endless dungeon. And this is why we should appreciate those who made it of out of nowhere to where they are today instead of seeing them as devil agents who sacrifice humans to get rich because such a thing doesn’t exist. They are just things we just create out of our minds when we can’t see the way out. When failure is just waiting for us with open arms because we have not played our cards well, so we assume that anyone is successful is wild and ungodly.

Let me tell you something. There is no way a devil will make someone successful in this life because Satan is anti-progress. And I must repeat those who have had their box ticked must be appreciated because they liberated themselves alone and God stood with them in those difficult times when all they could do was to just cry and pray. You will sometimes think that those people were born with silver spoons in their mouths, but this is not true.

These people have gone through the fire and there were moments when processing the give up button was the only thing, they could do but somehow, they labored very hard, beat the odds and appeared above the water. Isn’t it quite impressive? I think if there is any English word, we could use to cheer these people up, it is “CONGRATULATION” because it is not easy to make it in this life and it is sad.

Some people unfortunately die in the trying process while others reach the edge and these are the people who should give us hope that we too can make it in life no matter what we face or what we have been through because God will never deny you what you want when you are willing to pay the price which is one of the hardest things to do in life. It is not easy to pay the price but the best thing you can do to yourself right now, is to wait in there come rain or sun even when it hurts.

It should also be noted that those who are poor are not poor because that is the way they were made to be. There are some things we should learn in this life because they teach us how to live happy and successful life. When you walk around a street right now, you will see people mostly elderly with hands outstretched with a plea for compassion and you will put them in the shoes of those who have made poor choices when they were young people but if you were to be told one of their stories, trust me you will believe that everyone has a story to tell and that they are not only there because they have been lazy youths.

You will understand that life can sometime make you big and reduce you to a zero person in a blink of an eye and that is why we should not be judgmental because this life is a twist and turns. You simply don’t know what lies ahead of you. It could be joy or sorrow they are all expected in this life.

You can be nobody now and tomorrow you are somebody and life goes on. We have to be humble enough and mind our own business in whatever we do because we don’t get second chance at this life. The world is a bad place. It is a stage where you come and play and go away never to come again. So, the best thing you can do right now to yourself and for yourself is to play your cards well and mind your own business.

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