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Beware of fake currency-governor warns

By Mamer Abraham


Bank of South Sudan urges citizens to report suspicious activity in the banking sector to authorities.

Bank governor, Dr. James Alic Garang, said that though nobody has reported to the central Bank, cases fake dollars circulation; citizens should be on the alert.

“Now, in terms of whether there are fake dollars or not, I have no idea; and it is something if it is there, we have law enforcement agencies to deal with that,” he explained.

The governor while talking to the media on Friday said the bank was ready to investigate such crimes through the structure existing within the bank’s directorates.

“We have the banking supervision that does that and there are units that also ensure that any crimes that are supposed to undermine prudence are curtailed or punished.”

He pledged the readiness of the bank to punish those who were in possession of fake dollars or those who were found selling them.

“The bank stands ready to follow any due process that is there to punish anyone found selling or holding fake currency. I can also say that nothing has been reported to us through official channels that there are those in the market,” he continued.

The Bank governor tasks members of the public; that it’s their duty to report any suspicious activity to relevant authorities.

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