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Gonzaga FC crowned 2023 champions of Rumbek

By Yang Ater Yang.


Gonzaga FC has won the Rumbek Local Football Association (RLFA) South Sudan Cup 2023.

Gonzaga was crowned champions of the state FA Cup tournament after beating their local rivals Gold Star FC 1:0 in the final game played at Rumbek Freedom Square on Wednesday.

The governor of Lakes State, Gen. Rin Tueny Mabor, who watched the finals of the tournament live, congratulated Gonzaga FC for being named the winner of the Rumbek Local FA South Sudan Cup 2023.

Governor Tuneny also told the first runner-up, Gold Star FC, that their loss is not the end of the road and encouraged them to work hard for more upcoming football competitions.

He expressed his love and willingness to support sporting activities in the state.

“In every competition, whether football, volleyball, or basketball, I always stay here with you to make sure the government is present, and that’s why I am here today,” he expressed.

Gen. Tueny hinted that when it comes to sports, Lakes State has potential in the Republic of South Sudan, adding they can take the country to the next level.

The governor ended his remarks with a pledge to the two teams that battled it out in the finals.

“I would like to give 200,000 SSP to Gonzaga FC for winning this final and 300,000 SSP to Gold Star FC, and maybe next you will go together,” he pledged.

The vice president of the South Sudan Football Association (SSFA), Charles Udwar, who was also in Rumbek to witness the Cup finals between Gonzaga FC and Golden Star FC, expressed his gratitude for being part of those who witnessed the game.

He also lauded Gonzaga FC for being the crown champion of the Rumbek FA South Sudan Cup 2023 and wished good luck to the runner-up, Golden Star FC, in their next competitions.

The SSFA deputy president commended Governor Rin Tueny for restoring peace and sanity in Lakes State, saying sports activities can now be held and concluded peacefully.

“I have been hearing that Lakes State was known in South Sudan for killings, robberies, and other dangerous things. But today, in the presence of Lakes State Governor Rin Tueny Mabor, we are now able to conduct and organize football tournaments and wrestle peacefully.” Udwar noted.

He added that he spent a whole day in the market up to 11:00 p.m. and observed security and stability, adding that nobody stays up to 11:00 p.m. in the market.

Udwar promised SSFA’s full support for sports in the state, saying they would stand behind Governor Tueny and the Rumbek local football association in case of any support.

“I would inform the board of directors about your challenges, and we would sit down to discuss them with the board of directors to talk about all the challenges facing you,” he said.

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