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Cabinet passes two Bills

By Bida Elly David


Council of Ministers has passed Cyber Security and Computer Misuse Bill, as well as Fiscal Financial Allocation and Monitoring Commission Bill.

The Cyber Security and Computer Management Bill is a bill meant to regulate the use of computers to avoid crimes.

Meanwhile, on the other hand, the Fiscal Financial Allocation Bill regulates the use of finances, to serve public purposes.

The national minister of information, Michael Makuei says the two bills play greater roles in transforming the country into a better society.

“The financial bill is one of the bills that came up with the establishment of the financial monitoring commission,” Makuei told reporters after the cabinet meeting.

He said the cabinet made critical deliberations on the two bills with observations and recommendations.

“Cabinet passed the bills and directed the minister of justice and constitutional affairs to table them before the national legislative assembly for consideration,” he noted.

The Financial Allocation and Monitoring Commission bill, once passed into law, will help with the allocation of funding through the national budget.

The bill shall also serve the purpose of solving key macroeconomic problems through the finances generated in the country’s treasury to meet public objectives.

South Sudan enacted the Cybercrime and Computer misuse Provision Order 2021, aimed at combating cybercrimes.

The country has a fast-evolving technology sector, with three mobile operators and 24 licensed internet service providers.

Investments in infrastructure development have propelled internet penetration to 16. 8 % and mobile phone penetration to 23% of the country’s population of 11.3 million people, which necessitates a law to curb cybercrime.

The order is based on Article 86(1) of the Transition Constitution of South Sudan 2021 which provides that when parliament is not in session, the president can issue a provisional order that has the force of law in urgent matters.

The Cybercrimes and Computer Misuse Order makes strides in addressing cybercrimes by extending the scope of jurisdiction in prosecuting cybercrimes to cover offences committed in or outside the country against citizens and the South Sudan state.


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