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Entrants, out goers of President Salva Kiir’s decrees


Dr. Kout Bol Nyor was relieved from his position as the undersecretary of the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management.


William Chan Acuil, appointed as the new undersecretary.


Western Bahr El Ghazal State

Relieved officials

Adel Wadatanda Nasir, State Advisor on Economic Affairs

State ministers

Julius Defasio Julu, State Minister of Cabinet Affairs

Elia Camilo Dimo, Minister of Parliamentary Affairs

Hassan Ngor Aguer, minister of Roads and Bridges



Khamis Dahir Omar, Advisor Economic Affairs

Arkangelo Anyar Anyar, Minister of Cabinet Affairs

Rodensio Anderia Ojeka, minister of parliamentary affairs

Julius Defasio Ojulu, Minister Roads and bridges-SPLM


Revocation of the appointment of the speaker of the state legislative assembly

Rt. Hon. Muhamadin Abubakar Muhamadin relieved as speaker of Western Bahr el Ghazal State Assembly-SPLM

Andol Wadatala Nasir was appointed as the new Speaker SPLM of the Western Bar-el-ghazal state legislative assembly.



State Ministers-relieved

Simon Peter Sarawasi. Minister of Housing Land and Public Utility

Ann Felix Abiango, Minister of Animal Resources and Fisheries

State Independent Commission relieved officials

Joseph Ezaku chairperson of the Relief and Rehabilitation Commission

Eliakima Ezekiel Loki, Chairperson Human Rights Commission

Joseph Sebit, Member Human Rights Commission


Appointment of new state officials

Eng. James Wezi Babe, Minister of Housing Land and Public Utility

Naobe Mariam Obaridosfi Minister Animal Resource


State Independent Commission Appointment-Western Equatoria

Veronica Anni Micheal Chairperson Relief and Rehabilitation Commission

John Obote Madal Chairperson of the Human Rights Commission

Juma Wilson Member Human Rights SPLM




Deng Amol Anei -Advisor Legal Affairs SPLM

State Independent Commission

Awe Akot Akot, member conflict resolution and reconciliation commission

Bona Majok Anyai, member anti-corruption commission SPLM


Awer Akot Akot, Advisor on Legal Affairs

Mayer Awer Yel, member Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation Commission

Bona Majok Anyei, member Anti-corruption


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