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State warns media over single local language broadcast

By Mamer Abraham


Jonglei State Ministry of Information and Communication has warned radio stations and public announcers in Bor to refrain from using a single language to disseminate messages.

Director-General at the Ministry of Information and Communication in Jonglei State, Mohamad Chuol said the use of one community language was not fit for a town that is inhabited by many tribes.

He ruled that the monolingual announcement system amounts to a denial of access to information for those who speak other languages.

Chuol said the ministry had received complaints on several occasions to prohibit the practice and three dominant languages of Dinka, Nuer, and Anyuak to be used.

“In light of the above directive, the Ministry of Information and Communication received several complaints from the public expressing their dissatisfaction with public announcements and radio talk shows that are usually made in one language, most particularly within Bor, which is the state capital and is inhabited by all speakers of the three dominant languages of Dinka, Nuer, and Anuak,” he explains in a statement.

“Based on the above-cited complaint, we in the ministry, the Media Regulator in the state, would like to categorically make it clear that such actions are against the rights of our people to have equal access to information.”

He said any microphone announcer or local radio station must first seek the approval of the ministry before taking any action, adding that it overlooked the unity of the people.

“Therefore, the directive serves to inform the local radio stations and microphone announcers to firstly seek ministry approval or guidance before rushing to announce any information or program meant for public consumption,” he continued.

“It is worthy to mention that the unity of our people starts with equal treatment; hence, I would like to grab this opportunity to urge your esteemed institutions to work for the interest of our people by evenly feeding them with reliable and accurate information that can contribute to reducing the level of illiteracy and enhancing a peaceful and prosperous coexistence amongst our communities.”

On May 19, 2022, John Samuel Manyuon, then minister of information and communication in Jonglei State, ordered the suspension of the operation of Radio Jonglei in Bor town.

The state ministry stated that it made the decision after realizing that the radio station was intentionally undermining the state leadership, according to a report from the committee to protect journalists.

Manyuon maintained that Radio Jonglei fell short of professionalism and ethical journalism in its broadcast.

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