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Youth Union to investigate Aweil controversy

By Hou Akot Hou


National Youth Union has dispatched a fact-finding committee to investigate the leadership crisis that emerged within the union of Northern Bahr El Ghazal State.

The office of the National Youth Union set up a committee to go and gather details on what led to the arrest of the NBG Youth Union chairperson, who was handed a one-month imprisonment sentence.

The National Youth Union Chairman, Gola Boyoi Gola, formed a committee that will travel to Aweil to establish facts on the occurrence last week in Aweil between the NBG youth leader and the Aweil youth union councilors.

In a letter seen by this outlet and written by Mr. Gola Boyoi, the committee is being led by Mr. Puot Gatduel Bol as its chairperson, deputized by the National Union secretary for state affairs, Adv. Ajak Aling Dok, and the secretary general of the National Youth Union, Mr. Simon Yel Yel.

Mr. Gola Boyoi told the media that he was compelled to constitute the committee to investigate the leadership crisis in Aweil because it has been trending in the media.

The national youth leader hinted that they have a role to play in their line of duties to ensure that calm and stability return to Aweil.

“They (the committee) will be traveling by Monday, and they will immediately start their work,” said Gola.

“I will brief them to go and start the work between the wrangling parties to smooth relations. I have given them seven days so that they understand the messes within the union,” he added.

He maintained that they do not expect the youth to be in disarray as they have a role to play in society.

Past events

Tito Awen Bol, the chairperson of the NBGs youth union in Aweil, has been in hot soup with the youth over corruption allegations.

The Northern Bahr El Ghazal State (NBGs) youth union councilors, who have been working with Awen, fell out with him in August and suspended him from his roles for a three-month period.

The youth union council had labelled accusations against their leader, with fund embezzlement and handpicking of subordinates topping the list of accusations.

Last week, a high court in NBGs sentenced the Chairperson of the Youth Union, Mr. Tito Awen Bol, to one month of imprisonment.

Mr. Bol was first arrested last Tuesday along with two other colleagues while they were trying to convene a meeting, which security halted.

He was dragged to court on Wednesday, November 1, where he was charged with convening an illegal meeting on what they call an annual review of union activities.

Presiding judge Deng Tong charged Mr. Awen with conducting a meeting without clearance or approval from concerned authorities and smacking an officer named William Diing Aher.

The Aweil court handed Awen one month of imprisonment and a fine of 50,000 SSP.

But Awen’s lawyer advocate, Bulis Nguak, contested the court verdict and vowed to appeal against the court ruling.

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