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When life gives you a heavy bag to carry

In the journey of life, a person has to carry a bag of difficulties together. This is the law of nature, and no one can change it. Difficulties are the cornerstone of life, without difficulties human life cannot be built.

That is how nature screwed us. Time and again, the story of mankind remains the same. You have that badge that you must carry for the rest of your life. You will have those questions, in number but you will never find the answers.  A lot of things will happen in your life, and it will take you time or even life itself for you to understand.

This is why the solution to one problem is the beginning of another. And you have the guts to whine. How could you? Even If we are given what we need, we will still find something that is not right. Life is a mystery!

You take the story of John and Pete. The problem of John is that his pocket money is not enough to entertain him in school, but he has never missed a term or semester because of the delay in the payment of his tuition fees.

But Pete’s problem is different, his dad has just died, and this means that nobody is going to pay his school fees. He will have to quit school to start a completely different life. He earns one thing this time, the title of an orphan.

For Pete, if he were as privileged as John, he would count himself as the luckiest person in the world. He would use that privilege to better his life. But for John, not enough pocket money sounds like a big problem and if his dad is not serious, John can even quit school despite unwavering support from his robust dad.

Sometimes, we are like John. We view our little problems as if they are unique, not knowing that other people are dealing with worse stories than we do. I remember telling a friend who has been struggling with an inferiority complex that if all the wonderful people we admire were to be stripped naked in front of us, we would see the same scars and bruises all over their bodies. Or even worse.

This life sucks. We have to use problems to build us, not to break us. The first step in doing this is to accept the fact that you will have a boatload of problems. Another thing to reconcile with is the fact that you are not going to solve any of those problems. But you are going to make them better problems.

On one hand, what is a problem to you is a solution to another or maybe a better problem. If you are in Sub-Saharan Africa, your problem is where to get food and maybe school fees. For another person in the United States of America, it is not having enough time to eat because of work.

Sometimes some people forget to eat because their heads hurt when they are chewing potato chips. Some intentionally refuse to eat because they want to lose weight.

Now if you are in Africa, you will definitely understand the variation. This life really hurts. A lot of things are not really what we think they are.  I don’t know if you really listen to yourself each time you pray. Maybe you are asking God to give you $2000 to start a small business. So, your problem is how to get that $2000 but there is someone with $200,000 but he needs more than that to be happy with his life.

The world will never tell the truth and most times, we don’t need to judge every situation just the way it appears. Your problem is not unique because there is a story that is worse than yours.

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