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Man kills father over wealth

By Hou Akot Hou


Police in Aweil town are holding a soldier who allegedly murdered his father in Aweil East County, Northern Bahr El Ghazal, over the weekend.

The 29-year-old suspect reportedly killed his father on Sunday, November 5, 2023, in Gueng-kou boma of Yargot Payam in Aweil East County and fled.

Gueng-kou Boma administrator Ayong Longar Ayok told this outlet on Monday that the suspect allegedly slit his father’s throat and fled to the bush carrying his sandals and the deceased’s sandals.

“We have information to corroborate and support the claim that he is the killer because he went away with one of the sandals of his father and was found lying in the marsh, locally known as Tooch, near the village,” he said.

“As authorities, we went with local police authorities to go and bring him; luckily enough, he was lying in a grassy area with both the sandals of his father and his.”

Longar maintained that the suspect was in a fight with his father over cattle possession.

“He (the suspect) was reported to have once had a problem with his father over too much selling of cows without genuine purpose, as he does sell away cows without his father’s consent.

According to the Boma administrator, the suspect is a soldier who went home with a dispatch order from his assignment in Yei River County, but all along he had been seen taking drugs such as marijuana (Bangi) and alcohol.

The administrator said neighbors of the suspect revealed to them that he had a problem with almost all family members in his household as he had once committed adultery with his brother’s wife, which brought him into a bitter relationship with people at home.

“The man has huge problems with people at home. Since he came back, he has been stirring up problems at home as per what people say in the village,” the payam administrator noted.

Boma authorities say the suspect was found lying in the grassy area while drunk, and police took him to Aweil town’s central police station to undergo investigations.


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