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Suspect detained over shooting of friend

By Yien Gattour


Local authorities in Panyinjar County of Unity State have taken a suspect into custody following an incident involving the fatal shooting of an individual identified as Lony Lieth Gai.

The suspect, who reportedly had a history of alcohol abuse, is believed to have been the closest companion of the deceased.

The shocking shooting transpired last month on 14 October.

Speaking to No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper on Tuesday, Panyinjar County Commissioner Gabriel Majok Bol said, “The authorities in Panyinjar County have taken action against the armed man who committed a crime against his own friend.”

He added that the suspect was arrested on Sunday afternoon in Panyinjar following reports of the fatal shooting, the person who committed crimes against the community was arrested on Sunday and identified as Bangoag Manyang.

An investigation is underway to shed light on the motives that led the suspect to fatally shoot his own best friend, he said.

The commissioner pointed out that the deceased, Lony Lieth Gai, passed away while receiving medical attention at the health facility.

Commissioner Bol highlighted the baffling nature of the incident, stating, “There are no known disputes or conflicts that have been reported between the two individuals. They were best friends and worked together, and it is deeply unfortunate that fate has brought them to this point. People are now living in good security there is no fear because of the tension between the two families has come down.”

In anticipation of completing the ongoing investigations, Commissioner Bol affirmed, “Once investigations are completed, the suspect will be sent to court the laws will take place against him, where official criminal charges will be brought against him in accordance with the law.”

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