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Forecast predicts fall in commodity prices

By Mamer Abraham


Latest report from the IGAD Climate Prediction and Applications Centre (ICPAC) covering October to December 2023 indicates a possible decrease in commodity prices in South Sudan.

This is attributable to a good harvest, but the ICPAC noted that there would be possible post-harvest losses as feeder roads were washed away.

“Agriculture and Food Security Likelihood of a relatively good harvest in the second season for South Sudan Likelihood of stabilization or a decrease in prices of food crops,” the report partly read.

“There will be a likelihood of post-harvest losses for the main season (JJAS) crops. Likelihood of feeder roads being washed away” It added.

The report further warned of the infestation of green grasshoppers, Quelea birds, and African Army Worm in the greater Upper Nile region and Eastern Equatoria State, as well as floods likely to occur in the states of the Upper Nile region.

The IGAD climate body urged farmers to prepare for harvest and establish proper storage facilities to limit post-harvest losses, report outbreaks of green grasshoppers and other pests, and tell the government to keep a budget meant for emergencies and disasters.

On Tuesday, the National Minister for Agriculture and Food Security, Josephine Lagu, called for a budget increment for her ministry to address food insecurity across the country.

The minister made the comment after the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (UNFAO), the World Food Programme (WFP), and UNICEF launched the South Sudan IPC Report 2023 in Juba, stating that 5.78 million people will face acute food insecurity next year.

“The government can also improve and increase the budgetary allocation to the agriculture sector in line with the Maputo declaration,” said the minister.

“We also have a plan to activate the Food Security Council. I’ve already presented my memo to the Minister for Cabinet Affairs to that effect. So, we’ll do what we can as a ministry and as line ministries to ensure that we bring the gravity of this situation to the full attention of our government.”

She pledged to present the memo before the council of ministers, adding that the relevant ministries had already developed what she termed the Country’s compact to forge means of addressing food insecurity.

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