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Undersecretary exalts school kids

By Charles K Mark


Undersecretary of the Ministry of General Education and Instructions, Kuyok Abol Kuyak said some students speak more sense than some members of parliament.

The degree of competence displayed by many school-age youngsters, according to Kuyok indicates a more promising future for the nation.

“The way they speak at this stage they even speak more sense than some of our members of parliament,” Mr. Kuyak said.

He addressed, on behalf of the Minister, a Child-Led parliamentary session on factors affecting education excellence in South Sudan, organized by Save the Children.

Mr. Kuyak said most of the children who are given platforms to speak, raise difficult questions that are meant to be raised by adults.

He encouraged children to participate in real platforms like August House, moderated by the speaker, to address their concerns.

During their simulated parliamentary session, some children criticized leaders for failing to improve education quality, a key factor in economic development.

The expression of concern by the children moved some delegations who travel far from the US to witness the children’s participation.

Save the Children’s USA Vice President, David Barth emphasized the need for aggressive calls for access to education and quality improvement for every child.

Barth stressed the need for access to education for all children in South Sudan, including those with abilities and disabilities.

Participants were from Juba Diocese School, Elite Secondary School, and Angel Palace Primary School, St. Peter Primary School, Irwoto Primary School, St. Andrew and Alliance SS, Bishop Mazoldi Primary School among others.

One of the objectives was to provide a platform for children to explore, comprehend, and express themselves on aspects influencing educational performance.

And also, to encourage children and young people to actively participate and have their voices amplified to help shape decision-making in this country.

The child–led parliamentary session intended to nurture an appreciation for democratic processes and civic engagement among young minds.

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