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Trucks on protest over tax, at Nimule border

By Ijoo Bosco

Cargo trucks have parked at Elegu border point, in protest against a new tax levied by traffic police.

National Director General for Traffic Police recently ordered for collection of 20,000 South Sudanese Pounds from business vehicles entering and exiting the country.

As the order takes effect, Business Vehicles have suspended their operations between South Sudan and Uganda, calling for a need to reduce taxes.

Traffic Police at Nimule have reported that a large number of Business Vehicles are currently parked at the yards, awaiting a resolution to their plight.

Yam, a trader who preferred to use only one name, expressed his concerns in an interview with the No. 1 Citizen Daily Newspaper.

He criticized the abnormal tax increment and warned that it might result in higher prices of commodities.

Yam appealed to the National Government to reconsider the tax rate in order to facilitate the smooth flow of goods into the country.

Meanwhile, the Director for Customs at the Nimule border, Major Gatluak Riak, confirmed the reluctance of Business Vehicles to cross the border, citing the increased taxes as the primary reason.

He further explained the drivers are protesting the increase of the conversion rate by the National Revenue Authority to SSP 300 per 1 USD instead of the initial SSP 90 that was previously in use.

The NRA stated that the directive was meant to harmonize the official exchange rate that is in use by other neighboring countries.

It warned that failure to comply with the notice, will prompt the Commissioner General to commence enforcement measures as per the law.

Major Juma George, the Director of Traffic in Nimule, confirmed the substantial congestion of Business Vehicles at the Nimule Parking Yards due to the heightened tax burden.


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