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Max Jay ailing in jail

By Gladys Fred Kole


Musician Max Jay’s health in prison is reportedly deteriorating, raising public concerns after a disturbing picture of his rushed-up legs causing wounds surfaced online.

The disturbing picture was posted on Max Jay’s Facebook page, captioned “I need your prayers. Thank you.” This rushed-up picture of his legs escalated debate online.

Max Jay has been imprisoned since May after a public fallout with his father and business tycoon, Makiir Gai.

The conflict intensified when Max Jay expressed his frustrations on social media, publicly denouncing his father, a prominent business figure.

Reports reveal that the health of musician Max Jay is deteriorating while being held at Juba prison, where he is allegedly unable to access proper medical treatment.

Lucky O’ner, the National Artists’ Union executive director, told the No. 1 Citizen Daily Newspaper that Max Jay is now receiving treatment.

“I talked to Max, but I can’t talk about it because it is a family issue. Max Jay is now undergoing treatment,” Lucky said.

“The whole Max Jay situation is none of the union’s business; it is a family matter; the whole thing was a family matter; I can’t get involved,” Lucky distanced the union.

However, according to him, the musician is okay, saying what surfaces online are just small rushes in prison.

“The prison sometimes has a lot of sickness, like rushes there, so it is normal,” Lucky noted.

However, he explained that the father of the musician is not talking about when the son will be released from prison.

Sources close to the artist disclosed that he is suffering from a skin infection, causing wounds on his legs. The situation has raised concerns from fans about his well-being.

What happened?

The whole trouble began when Max Jay took to social media to vent his frustrations and publicly denounced his father, a well-respected figure and popular businessman in the country.

The disrespectful posts targeted Makiir Gai, shedding light on a strained relationship that had seemingly reached its breaking point.

Tensions escalated further when the heated exchanges on social media spilled over, leading to Max Jay’s arrest in Wau in April and his subsequent transfer to Juba, where he was confined to the high-security walls of Juba Central Prison.

The prison, known for housing high-profile criminals and individuals convicted of serious offenses, has become the musician’s temporary home.

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