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Welcome to the world of many problems

Life given its twists and turns is great everything and it is equally great nothing. And this depends on how you see things based on your context. You cannot solve a South Sudanese problem with a Canadian solution. You can lose that battle without trying. People are in different worlds and your world shapes who you become in life.

There is a world where you wake up to read this article but there is also another world where someone wakes up to the sad news of the death of a family breadwinner.  There is a world where you are celebrating your achievement; there is also another world where someone is counting his losses with tears in his eyes, down on both knees.

Whatever you think you know about this life is not true. In fact, the truths about life are not easy to understand. The truth is found where there is silence, pain, and suffering.  You are a newly married bride and your husband dies two before your first anniversary. If you have been looking for the meaning of life for years and couldn’t find it, you will find it that day.

The truth is, this life has no formula and most of the things we chase now will never matter 100 years from now. The world has a way of taking you back to nothing.

The irony of life is that some things are not what think they are and that is why man will never understand life. We have so many problems and yes, some are more privileges than problems. For some people in the United States, having too much money in your wallet that it hurts your butt when you sit will seem like a real problem compared to the real problem of poverty in Africa.

I have always told my friends never to live their lives trying to be what they are not. The reality of life will always leave you in shock. Accept what you have and move on. You cannot be the son of a president and you cannot play your cards the way the president’s son does because no matter how you try, you must lose. You will leave the field frustrated.

Sometimes a man has to take certain actions based on his context and his environment.  If you are a son of a charcoal-maker, there is one thing that must keep you awake at night, how to change that story.  Thank God if you are working hard to change that story but I have sad news for you, not all that you are doing is going to work.

Life doesn’t work that way.  I am sorry for everything, but something will always interrupt your plans.  You know the parents who worked their tails off to see their child through education only for that child to end up in a rehab center.

You don’t need to be smart enough to understand life. For you to arrive there, it is something that requires absolute patience.  Life is worth the wait and while you are waiting, life may leave you behind. When you try to chase, you will fall down and all that you have to do is to get up and run.  Everyone is running; there are those who are chasing life and those who are being chased by life.

The world will never be the same.  And as you pray tonight for God to fill your begging cup, there is another man who is tired of his V.8 and plans to buy Bugatti as its replacement.  God knows how to balance this world. Even when you think you have made it in life, you will always have something that is missing in your life.

For most people who have made so much money in the world, the world thinks they are the happiest people around but in the process of making money, you lose your freedom too. And this robs them of their happiness. Do you think being driven with a motorcade by men in uniforms is everything?

Of course, it is a sign of success, but it is nothing when you are always insecure with imaginary enemies. Take the president for instance, people think he is the freest person in this country, but he is not. I am even freer than him. He cannot make it without his security men. And even if he leaves power today, he will have to hire some men to protect him. Fear this God, fear this country but above all, fear life.

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