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Committee fails to resolve Aweil Youth Union squabble

By Hou Akot Hou


A fact-finding committee sent by the president of the National Youth Union, Gola Boyoi to Aweil Town returned to Juba without a resolution.

The youth executive members who were contacted by the three-member committee refused to outline their grievances over the dispute that led to the arrest of the Aweil youth union chairperson two weeks ago.

The deputy chairperson of Aweil Youth Union, Mr. Deng Chok Yai told the committee that they are not interested in giving reports to the team.

“We don’t want to share our standpoints with the team sent by Boyoi. Because we never know their motives for coming since they first met the councilors who are having problems with us. So, we stayed away from meeting them. As a matter of fact, they are truthful to their roles,” Mr. Chok said.

He maintained that they are not convinced by the committee’s explanation that they want to solve the matter amicably since they first met the councilors and the state government’s officials who are not truthful in their objectives of serving the youth.

Reacting to the refusal, Mr. Gola Boyoi whose term is expiring in the impounding period said that he was dismayed at the decision that the youth executive branch took.

Mr. Gola announced that they will have to decide on the recent squabble in Aweil between discontented youth accused of assisting in the arrest of the chairperson.

He said the National Union may be forced to make a decision regarding the squabble that occurred recently in Aweil between the disgruntled youth accused of having a hand in the arrest of the chairperson.

“I want to make it explicitly clear that we are going to make a decision soon. My aim of sending the team to Aweil was to acquaint and familiarize themselves with the situation on grounds so that a solution is found to the problems among the youths,” Gola said.

The infighting that occurred among the youth which lured the authorities to intervene by arresting the youth chairperson emanated from a number of accusations labeled on their leader including embezzlement of funds, handpicking of staff into his executive body as well as lack of justification on a number of issues for Aweil youth body projects.

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