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Bak promises soldiers, timely salary

By William Maduok and Bida Elly David


Minister of Finance and Planning has promised effective payment of salary to the armed forces to boost their work.

Minister Bak Barnaba Chol alluded to smoothening salary payment of the military, while speaking during deployment of the first batch of unified forces.

He said that the armed forces had only received July salaries but would soon get their pay for the month of August and continues with the rest.

“The unified forces are symbols of peace; therefore, I am going to release their August salaries and continue their payment until further notice,” Bak said.

“This deployment is very important throughout our Country and that sends a message that the R-TGoNU is working for the welfare of our people.”

Bak jagged that the deployment of the first batch of the necessary force is a gateway to the second phase which still needs support.

“Deployment of the forces is the final transit to the national army, it has been a transit from assembly to cantonment, training, and unification thus it has to be supported,” he said.

He emphasized the government’s responsibility to ensure the welfare of its forces and citizens and thanked all partners for their support during the challenging security arrangement journey.

Minister Bak urged partners to support the country despite the positive move, as the country still faces constraints.

“We ask our friends in the region to join us in this process which is very costly, a process that South Sudan cannot do alone,” he said.

As the soldiers departed to Malakal, Minister Bak released the sum of 10 Million SSP to cater to their needs.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Interior, Angelina Teny, has asked the minister of finance to add the necessary unified forces, including their welfare, to his to-do list for better security in the nation.

Mrs. Teny who did not hide her excitement over the long-awaited development said that the deployment is a sign of triumph for the young East African country.

“I am the happiest person today because finally, the first batch is on the way to its destination—you are going to be deployed—this is the victory of our nation, South Sudan,” said Teny.

“You are now one army for one nation and under one commander in chief,” she told the forces.

She lamented over the forces overstaying at the training centers but stressed that that should be a lesson to enable them to endure the hardships ahead.

She also extolled the forces for maintaining unity and working together as one army, although they came from different parties.

“You are exemplary to our old South Sudan army—you are a brand-new victory army that will bring sustainable peace to this country and solve many hiccups,” she continued. “Your role is clear: to defend this nation and its people.”

The interior minister stressed that for security reform in the nation, the minister of finance should put the demands of the forces, including their welfare, at the top of his priorities.

“The minister of finance is here and will solve a lot of your problems,” she noted, “so that when the minister of defense goes to him and says my forces are embarking on a mission, he [the finance docket] will know his priorities.”

“The priorities are to protect this country, so he [the minister of finance] will solve your [forces] issues first,” Teny stressed.

She also cited that the government will soon deploy other organized forces, especially the police, wildlife, civil defense, and correction services, to realize Chapter 2 of the security arrangement.

The National Minister of Finance, Dr. Bak Barnaba Chol, who witnessed the deployment of the first unified forces, assured his docket readiness to pay the forces on time.

“The unified forces are symbols of peace; therefore, I am going to release their August salaries and continue their payment until further notice,” Bak promised.

On Wednesday, South Sudan dispatched approximately 750 soldiers as part of the first batch of Necessary Unified Forces (NUF), established under the revitalized peace agreement, and deployed to Malakal, Upper Nile State.

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