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CES strengthens governance

By Gladys Fred Kole


Government officials from the six counties of Central Equatoria state are in Juba for a two-day conference organized to enhance the local governance system.

In the two days, the participant shall discuss necessary solutions and recommendations to improve the political and economic situation in the state.

The workshop started yesterday, it is supported by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), Germany Development Organization (GIZ) and BMZ.

The Acting Minister of Local Government Wayi Godwil Edward, stated that the conference aims to identify gaps and develop realistic measures to address them, based on presentations from local government councils, development partners, and the state’s humanitarian partners.

Mr. Wayi highlighted the state had experienced ministerial and administrative capacity gaps, hindering its ability to effectively deliver services and maintain security, law, and order.

“We have been battling a lot of issues in our state ranging from presences of holdout groups, particularly the National Salvation Front,” Wayi.

“Insecurity along the border; issues of land grabbing in Juba County and city council; roaming of the armed cattle herders and child abduction among others.”

He praised the governor and state council for their intervention in resolving issues and noted that county commissioners and other stakeholders are working diligently to implement peace at the grassroots level.

Meanwhile, the deputy governor Sarah Nene Rodento, encouraged those in camps and Internally Displaced Person’s Camp to return home and develop their state.

Nene urged state participants to interact and learn new skills, encouraging paramount chiefs to help the grassroots.

She also mentioned that at least 50% of cattle issues, like in southern Juba, are now resolved.

For his part, the chief representative of JICA South Sudan, Tanaka Hiroyuki said that they remain committed to supporting the country’s efforts towards peace, stability, and prosperity.

“By equipping the state and county officials with the necessary skills and knowledge, we lay the foundation for effective governance, efficient service delivery, and resilient communities,” Tanaka said.

Tanak recognized the critical role of county governments in promoting peace and sustainable development.

“I would also like to emphasize the importance of replicating this successful model of convening county officials in other states, such as Western Bahr-El-Ghazal and Upper Nile state,” Tanaka cited.

The conference brought together all key players of community reconstruction and development from all corners of CES and Juba City Council and will provide a valuable platform for dialogue, knowledge sharing, and collective action.

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