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The predator prays for food, the prey asks for protection

I have said over and again that I don’t put people on a pedestal. I know that each person I bump into in life has a story to tell or a victory they are about to celebrate.

When I see someone celebrating his graduation ceremony, I get humbled. Who knows what they have been through? Perhaps those years have been a series of painful struggles to get school fees.

What about a wedding ceremony? I don’t attend weddings because even without knowing how the young couple started their journey, there is a painful story therein. I get emotional because at some points the couples may have to wait for the next four to five years to get a child.

This is where your patience and faith are tested. Faith is not remaining faithful to your spouse; it is choosing to stand with them when life is not making sense. That is where your love is tested. True love is not about sweet talking to each other and all the goodies that come with life. It is having each other’s back in difficult moments.

I don’t trust people sometimes nor do I judge. Everyone has got a skeleton in their closet. In most cases, I don’t believe in motivational speakers. For I see no virtue in their words of encouragement.

Some of these people have unsuccessful marriages. Others have personal problems with friends, but they still come out with smiling faces to get you back on your feet when you are almost down.

Years ago, I chose to become an inspirational writer but people don’t know my personal life. Unless you know my personal life, you have no right to call me humble. One time, a friend told me that when his brother started making money, he began to change and even completely to a bad boy.

I told him that his brother hadn’t changed, he actually revealed the person he had been disguising as when he was poor. You know poverty gives people a sense of humility.

It is when you have money that your true identity is revealed. From that day, I made up my mind that there is no humble person in life. True humility is when you choose not to tramp on people when you start to make money.

Another reason why I disapprove of people deemed virtuous is that they lead two different lives. Don’t forget to look for reality. People will pretend to be okay when they are actually doing the opposite. Sometimes you should not trust the pastor in your church because he is human like you.

How do you know that the person who hugs you could be the same person who will slice a dagger in your stomach in the process? True virtue is knowing that you can harm someone but choose not to do it because it is evil. It is also knowing that you can have as many men or women but choose not because you have your spouse.

The people who claim to be righteous have to be questioned and you should be careful with such people. You know in this life, we live once and when we do it well, once is enough. The question is how we treat other people.

If you want to die faster, get yourself involved in the business of dragging others down. You may be alive in physical form but in reality, you are no more. You cannot destroy what was meant to flourish by God.

In this life, you need to be wise in how you treat people and also be careful with the people you hate now for tables always turn. You never know what is in store for someone. As long as there is still life, anything can happen. Don’t choose to be a victim of your own trap.

When you meet a childhood friend who is somehow behind, please don’t rush to judge that person.

You don’t know where they have been and what they have been doing. It doesn’t always happen the way you expect it. After all, people have different paths. Some of these are hard while others are easy depending on who is standing with you in the process.

Don’t let others confuse you with their highlights. Some of these things are not real. When I was a little boy, I used to suffer from an identity crisis but now, as I grew a little bit older, I am beginning to understand that everyone is struggling with something secretly. But chooses to portray the positive part of their lives.

Don’t compare your life to that of a friend or a relative because that is the only first step to failure. You are not here to be better than someone. This too is for your own good. There is no doubt, that life is a race. Some are slow but they know where they are heading while others are faster but don’t know where they are leading to.

This is why I disagree with the English saying that an early bird catches the worm. Sometimes you don’t have to agree with the picture without having to identify the message in the picture. There is a bird, that wakes up very early in the morning and there is a worm that wakes up at the same time and ends up eaten by the bird.

I think the man or woman who coined this saying was a little bit drunk with champagne. Life is very complex and it is very hard to discern how things work. There are times when you go to bed with a plan of waking up in the morning and because you slept a lot, you missed the bus and sad news came over that the bus had overturned and all on board did not make it.

There is a need to be humble in life. Not the fastest always wins the race. There was this Kenyan who got a D+ in high school but went on to earn five degrees in top universities in the world. There was also this young man who maintained good grades and ended up in a bar. I don’t know if he has drunk himself to death.

Don’t celebrate when your friend is in danger because you never know what will happen tomorrow. Try to help others without expectation. That is what is called selfless giving. When we were in primary school, it was not easy to get money. But there was a friend whose dad was a businessman.

He always comes to school with something for lunch, but it was not easy for him to share with others. I had this way of forcing him to bring out money, if you continue to hoard this money in the same pocket, it will block others from coming in. As a child, he believed in me and it was a success. To cut the story short, when you start sharing what you have with others, you are opening more doors for yourself. It may take long but it surely pays in the long run, in a way that you can’t even understand.

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