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Aweil residents given one month to construct toilets

By Hou Akot Hou


Aweil municipal council authorities in Northern Bahr El Ghazal state have given over 750 households without toilets a one-month ultimatum to dig pit latrines in the town.

The authorities disclosed that they have registered more than 750 households that they have found to have been relying on open defecation due to financial constraints.

The report was shared by the committee comprised of the municipal council staff and the local government officers who were sent out to move door to door to ascertain the depravity caused by the lack of toilets in the state.

Charles Malong Anyuon, the deputy town mayor for planning and development, disclosed to this outlet on Thursday that the committee that they had sent out earlier this month has returned and reported a huge number of residents in and around Aweil town living without latrines.

Malong emphasized that it would be crucial if all households dig their own in order to avoid catching diseases like diarrhea and typhoid.

He added that the 750 households found to have lagged behind in constructing even the 2-meter latrine are urged to have one despite having no capacity to make concrete foundations.

“The time that we gave them has not elapsed yet. So, we told them that you have to work hard to complete digging even the two-meter latrines so that there is an avoidance of common diseases like diarrhea,” Malong said.

“Some people are still on the farms away from their homes, so we have to wait till they come back. We will tell them so that they comply with the orders of the municipality,” he continued.

He noted that even if they have issued the stringent measures, they will have to sympathize with those out of their homes currently until the end of this month so that they dig.

Lack of pit latrines, according to public health experts, is seen as a contributing factor to diseases, which the international partners are fighting against in controlling the spread of waterborne diseases.

Health partners are supporting the Ministry of Health across the country to ensure most residences dig latrines to discourage open defecation.

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