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US urges gov’t to speed up processes for credible election

By Gladys Fred Kole


US ambassador to South Sudan has urged the transitional government to accelerate processes for the conduct of free, fair, and credible elections, next year.

Michael J. Adler said, that with the transitional gov’t almost a year behind in meeting commitments in the peace agreement, it is imperative to spend the time left to focus on what is absolutely essential for the conduct of elections.

“I speak with a sense of urgency that I sincerely hope all here also share; this sense of urgency is consistent with my deep wish that the South Sudanese people have the future of peace and prosperity that they deserve,” Adler said during a political parties’ forum.

“It is a matter of urgency that the transitional government proceeds to take those actions that are essential for there to be free, fair, credible, and peaceful elections, specifically steps that will create (1) civic and political space and (2) politically neutral security forces, including police.”

He said accomplishing these tasks will enable citizens to freely select their leaders and have their voices heard in shaping the country’s future without fear.

Mr. Adler stressed the need for proper use of public revenue transparently for public purposes, including supporting electoral institutions and paying salaries for security and civil service personnel, which will play a crucial role in promoting peaceful elections.

“We seek to see the South Sudanese people achieve a political system consistent with the foundational values that decades ago launched U.S. engagement in what is today South Sudan,” he added.

“Decisions about the future constitutional system in South Sudan are for the South Sudanese people to make; these decisions need to be reached on a consultative basis; they should not be imposed unilaterally,” Adler.

The United States and our international partners have always stood for peace and a better future for the people of South Sudan.

As South Sudan prepares to hold its first-ever elections in December, resolving critical outstanding issues requires political will for compromise, the UN envoy to the country said.

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