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Juba to benefit from $50 Billion Saudi donation


By Bida Elly David


South Sudan has been listed among countries to benefit from $50 Billion donation from Saudi Arabia, after the recent Riyadh summit.

Micahel Makuei Lueth, the national minister of information, stated that the donation aimed to aid African countries in micro projects.

He did not specify the allocation of funds to each country but stated that the Saudi government would be the one to allocate it accordingly.

“The donation from Saudi is meant to serve the purpose of development to African Countries in the areas and they will be the ones to decide the allocation not us,” he said.

“South Sudan after President Kiir met the King was put at a lucky zone of bilateral position that means, both Countries will be in a position to work together politically, economically.”

Michael reiterated that the Saudi-African forum aims to explore ways to collaborate with African countries for cooperation.

He stated that South Sudan is eagerly awaiting any allocation from Saudi Arabia to effectively serve the nation’s needs.

“We don’t have any problem but what matters is when they will allocate us the shares that we will use to serve with our own purpose for the citizens,’’ he said.

Michael said the recent discussions during the Saudi-African countries will yield results.

Last week, President Kiir jetted to Saudi Arabia for a global forum that focuses on issues affecting African Countries and how the government of Saudi Arabia will join hands in mitigating the impediments.

The results of the meeting came up with the promise of goodwill from the Saudi government to stand with African nations in different areas.

The meeting covered the economy, infrastructure, politics, and trade as key areas of concern.

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