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Bureau of Standards urged to boost quality control

By William Madouk


First undersecretary of the National Ministry of Trade and Industry, Kuol Daniel Ayulo, has urged the South Sudan National Bureau of Standards (SSNBS) to enhance their quality surveillance activities throughout the country.

SSNBS is mandated to address the issue of standardization and quality control for all products imported into South Sudan as per the National Bureau of Standards Act 2012 and the Weights and Measures Act 2012.

“Testing of fuel and marking is important in order for the country to avoid sub-standards and cheating and ensure all imported fuels on the market are according to standards,” Ayulo said.

“Because it is a loss to the economy of the country to have substandard goods in the market, especially fuel, which is the engine driving the economy.”

He encouraged the Bureau of Standards and Marksol Inc. to build capacity for the national staff, hoping that SSNBS would take over fuel quality checking and marking in the near future.

Ayuol also said the Ministry of Trade is committed to opening the market for investors with capacity and capital in order to help South Sudan in its economic progression.

“It is our role; it is the role of the South Sudan National Bureau of Standards to ensure the quality and also the quantity. Because we have to calibrate the fuel well,” he noted.

Mr. Ayulo was speaking yesterday during a one-day workshop organized by the South Sudan National Bureau of Standards in partnership with Marksol Inc. on ‘inspection testing and fuel marking.’

He highlighted that people don’t need to procure the same products every month if the goods are not of high quality.

“There are a few instances where we suspect the recycling of batteries and engine oils in some of the producing companies to that extent. So we also must have the standard,” Ayulo pointed out.

“All those are contributing to carbon emissions; the bad quality of fuel contributes negatively to the carbon emissions, which are contributing to global warming.” “So in another way, we are trying to improve on our part by contributing to green energy.”

Majak Deng, the acting Chief Executive Officer of SSNBS, highlighted that they don’t want the public to be cheated by contractors or traders.

He urged all stakeholders, including the public, to collaborate with SSNBS to ensure that standards are met.

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