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Floods overturn trucks in Lakes State

By Yang Ater Yang


Heavy flooding from unknown sources has blocked Bahr El Ghazal highway, leaving passengers, business vehicles, and truck drivers stranded alongside the road.

Two heavy vehicles have overturned, further complicating the situation.

The flooding occupied areas of Aerial-teen, Ameeth, and nearby Aluakluak Payam of Yirol West County of Lakes State.

Peter Machiek Aguek, the state Minister of Road and Bridges in Lakes State visited the area to assess the level of flooding. He said the government is working to repair the road.

According to the Minister, the state governor had already informed ARC, the construction company together with sub-contractors, and are working on fixing the road in the next few days.

The flooding has caused a lot of inconvenience to the passengers and drivers.

Butrus Sansalawe, a passenger car driver from Wau in Western Bahr El Ghazal State appealed to the local authorities to repair the road.

He said they had been stuck there, under flooding waters without food and water.

Bichak Riak, another driver coming from Unity State through Bahr El Ghazal road to Juba, noted that the flooding had stopped many vehicles from crossing.

He believes the road needs a lot of work to build more bridges.

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