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Multiple initiatives worsen Sudan crisis -official

By William Madouk


Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs has cautioned against inclusion of various peace initiatives in resolving Sudan crisis.

Ramadan Mohammed Abdellah Goc argued that involvement of many actors could protract the conflict in unsettled Khartoum region.

“We in South Sudan would like to clarify that Sudan is currently devastated by war, and this conflict led to manifold [peace] initiatives. In our views, these multiple initiatives harm all the efforts that could contribute to bringing lasting peace” Goc said.

He made the statement during a consultative meeting meant to find a solution and bring an end to the political deadlock in Sudan.

The event brought together leaders of Sudanese forces of freedom and change and a South Sudanese mediation team.

Mr. Goc said South Sudan feared that opening various peace talks could lead countries that have an interest to toss Sudan into a war abyss.

“We don’t support many peace initiatives, but on the contrary, we call for the unification of all concerted efforts regionally and globally,” he noted.

“We believe that multiple peace initiatives will let countries with interests compete, and this competition could lead to the prolongation of war in Sudan,” Goc stressed.

He highlighted that, as a country, they don’t support the aforementioned notion, adding that they are pushing harder to ensure all efforts are coordinated to find a lasting solution to the Sudan crisis.

According to him, South Sudan has no agenda other than bringing lasting peace to its sister country, Sudan.

“South Sudan is different from the rest of the countries considering that before anything, we are Sudanese, and the crisis in Sudan is also our crisis, and thus we need to be part of the solution,” he underscored.

The speaker expressed concern that other countries may have their own political agendas or personal interests, and may seek the Sudanese government to support their ideas and agendas.

“For us, we are far away from all these, but we live day by day with the crisis in Sudan despite the fact that we are two different countries, but whatever is affecting the Sudanese is likewise affecting us,” he added.

There have been various attempts to end the war in Sudan. But the latest rounds of talks in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia ended without an agreement on the cessation of hostilities.

The Inter-Governmental Authority on Development (IGAD) is pushing further for the parties to cease fighting.

The Sudanese Leader of the Sovereign Council last week met the Kenyan President William Ruto, who was delegated to lead the IGAD mediation team, both agreed to work for peace.

Recently, President Salva Kiir’s mediation effort has received backing from the European Union.

The conflict, which erupted on April 15, has displaced more than 2.9 million people from their homes, including over one million who have fled to neighboring countries.

According to the latest figures from the International Organization for Migration, over 255,000 people have crossed into Egypt.

The UNHCR states in its reports that South Sudan is hosting more than 300,000 refugees and asylum-seekers, mainly from Sudan, in addition to more than 2.2 million internally displaced people.

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