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Odhok encourages P.8 candidates to excel

By Mamer Abraham


Upper Nile State governor, James Odhok Oyai, rang the bell on Monday to kick off the primary 8 exams, marking an important milestone for pupils who will soon advance from primary to secondary school.

The exams, which are a crucial part of the education system, will test the student’s knowledge and aptitude in various subjects.

Successful completion of the primary 8 exams will ensure that the pupils are able to move on to their next level of education and continue their academic journey towards a brighter future.

Mr. Odhok urged the P.8 candidates to study well, taking advantage of the prevalence of peace and stability in the state.

“This is an important day for you as pupils of Upper Nile. If you get your certificates, you will enter university at your tender age; you will be the future of Upper Nile State and South Sudan,” he morally boosted the pupils.

He encouraged them to write their exams well to lead South Sudan in the primary leaving examinations nationwide this year.

The Upper Nile State Minister for Education, Peter Reath Dak, appreciated the committee that brought the examinations and the security personnel who are guarding the examinations.

He also reminded the pupils that the exam would climax their time in primary and take them to secondary school.

“I am really glad to see you today for this exam. It is your day today that we are celebrating. I can call it a celebration because this is the time for you to leave primary and go to the next level,” he praised.

Reath encouraged the pupils not to panic and be distressed but to concentrate to produce good results.

“But as the student, I want to inform you; that this is not a new thing to you. I know some of you may panic, some of you may be in distress, and that there is something new in the exam that will make you fail,” Reath said.

“Please, I have to advise you: don’t put this in your mind; there is nothing that will come out of what you learned already unless you study hard. If you do, I believe you will pass this exam with good results,” he continued.

In Last year’s results, boys performed better than girls across the country. Male pupils scored 90.1 percent, while girls scored 86.8 percent.

The best primary school went to Jonglei State’s

Wise Dove Academy was the best primary school with a score of 94 percent; the second school was Ritnom School, with 91.9 percent; and the third position was occupied by Alpha Junior Academy, with 91.9 percent, all from Jonglei State.

But Dr. John Garang Boys in Upper Nile State came in fifth with a whopping 91.4 percent score.


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