Constructor starts fixing flood broken road

By William Madouk


Africa Resource Cooperation (ARC), a company that constructs Bahr El Ghazal highway, has started fixing 30-kilometre Aluak Aluak road devastated by floods.

Heavy rains in Lakes State have caused massive displacement, widespread destruction, and cut-off a crucial Bahr el Ghazal highway.

The once-life-saving road now remains inaccessible, leaving travelers stranded.

The flooding water occupied areas of Aerial-teen, Ameeth, and nearby Aluak-luak Payam of Yirol West County.

However, ARC Company underscored that they have adopted various initiatives to avoid another calamity in the future.

“ARC has begun a process of cutting off the embankment at every distance of about 40 meters,” it noted.

According to the company, this ensures free flow of water, and eliminates risks to the embankment structures.

The company also said a team of experts in excavator operations is currently recovering vehicles that are stuck in the shallow waters.

ARC further stated that they were aware of the necessity and importance of an effective drainage system in ensuring the durability and longevity of roads.

“We are currently working on installing culverts that will provide pathways for water to travel freely under the roads without affecting communities or road works once the water level has subsided.”

Yesterday, passengers, business vehicles, and truck drivers were stuck in the forests alongside the Bahr el Ghazal highway as heavy flooding from unknown sources blocked it. The floods overturned about two heavy vehicles.

A truck driver, Butrus Sansalawe, who was driving passengers in a land cruiser vehicle from Wau in Western Bahr el Ghazal State, urged the government to ensure that roads are repaired for smooth business.

Another driver coming from Unity State through Bahr El Ghazal Road to Juba, Bichak Riak, said that this flooding has stopped many vehicles from crossing, adding that the road needs a lot of work and more bridges.

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