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Governor Muor pursues Twic-Ngok for peace

By William Madouk


Warrap State governor, Kuol Muor Muor is making a splendid move to restore elusive peace and desired security between Twic and Ngok of Abyei.

The state boss, who just concluded a day peace tour to Turalei of Twic County called on the community to cease revenge attacks.

“[Mour] appealed to Twic Community to cease the ongoing conflict and roads ambushes in the main roads between Twic and Ngok Community of Abyei Special Administrative Area to allow the free movement of innocent civilians, goods, and Humanitarian aids,” partly reads a statement from his office.

Governor Muor underscored that the case of Aneet will be resolved by two Administrations with the help of the National Government.

He also called for immediate dialogue and peaceful reconciliation between Twic and Ngok, adding that the sisterly communities have been together for decades and share the same norms and intermarriages.

Furthermore, Muor thanked the Twic community for the warm welcome on his first visit since his appointment.

The governor was accompanied by his deputy, national members of parliament and the state minister including state MPs.

On December 31, 2023, Noon Deng Nyok, the deputy chief administrator of Abyei Administrative Area, was killed in an ambush along with four of his bodyguards, including the driver.

Bulis Koch Aguar, the area information minister, reported that the incident occurred around 5:00 P.M. while Nyok and his team were traveling to attend a New Year Prayers at Juljok Parish in Agok.

Abyei area information attributed the assassination to the failure of UNISFA forces to protect the Abyei box.

He also pointed a finger at the tribal militia from Neighboring Twic in Warrap state for being responsible for the attack.

But Commissioner of Twic County, Simon Aguek Chan in a statement seen by No.1 Citizen Newspaper rebutted the involvement of Twic armed youth in recent killing, citing that the doers are a hit-men hired by Abyei themselves.

Mr. Chan alleged that the armed youth killed him after they disagreement transpired in a meeting conducted in Aneet.

Twic authority also claimed that on the 1/1/2024 at the wee hours, Abyei armed militias and Nuer armed militias attacked Ayuok, Athony and Malual-Aleu villages that resulted into loss of Twic armed youth

“The attacks that killed deputy chief administrator with his bodyguards are Nuer armed militants hired by Abyei special Administrative Area to fight in Twic Territories,” he echoed.

In November 2023, the renewed conflict between the Twic and Ngok communities claimed at least 75 in two weeks.

While the Abyei Information Minster blamed the SSPDF for supporting some of the attacks, the army denied any involvement.

Gen. Akuei Ajou, the SSPDF Third Division commander, said the army is a professional force that is responsible for defending the country and its people.

In April 2023, the Twic Dinka and the Ngok Dinka signed a ceasefire agreement, but the situation remains tense and unstable.

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