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Gov’t urged to deploy Unified Forces in Jonglei

Jonglei State has urged the National Government to deploy unified forces to the borderlines to prevent more subnational violence between Jonglei and Greater Pibor.

This comes after over five thousand armed youth from the Greater Pibor Administrative Area (GPPA), allegedly carried out a deadly attack in Jonglei state, killing 28 people and more than 17 others injured. Over 7,000 cattle were raided.

Elizabeth Nyadak John State minister of Information urged the government to deploy unified forces to protect civilians from the senseless death of innocent civilians.

The minister explained that the youths are heavily armed and continue to terrorize communities, leaving mothers and children as victims.

“The government has to disarm those youth, especially from Greater Pibor so that they stop the attacks that take the lives of many innocent people,” Nyadak continued.

“The government must disarm these youth, especially from Greater Pibor, to stop the attacks that take the lives of many innocent people,” Nyadak said in an interview with No. 1 Citizen Daily Newspaper.

For his part, Greater Pibor Administrative Area Minister of Information, Joseph Kelang also emphasized the importance of genuine disarmament in stopping the consequences of subnational violence that civilians have already faced.

“Governor Denay Jock Chagor has always called for our youth to hand over their arms for peace. And I think it is a good call that if implemented, it will be welcomed,” he said.

The County Commissioner of Duk Padiet, where the attack allegedly took place Peter Latjor Chol, also echoed the same call urging that disarmament must be a forceful exercise.

“Take guns out in the hands of the young people who kill innocent people. People who learned how to kill, to rape, you cannot just allow them to continue like that,” Latjor urged.

“Such people if you do not use force it is very hard for you to disarm them. They will not accept to surrender their guns peacefully.”

The latest attacks in Duk Padiet claimed at least 28 people as of yesterday, and over 17 were injured while over 7,000 cattle raided.

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