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Upper Nile warns against scammers

Office of Upper Nile State governor has warned the public not to be duped by Facebook scams.

This came after the office of the governor noticed an unusual activity where some individuals opened several Facebook pages in the name of the Upper Nile State governor, James Odhok Oyai, and begged people for money and claimed to be offering loans as well.

The statement from the office of the governor states that the governor does not pledge to support people online.

“It has come to our attention that some individuals are creating fake Facebook accounts in the name of H.E James Odhok Oyay, governor of Upper Nile State, and engaging in fraudulent activities. Some are promising to offer loans and other forms of material support. We strongly condemn such actions and urge the public to be vigilant and not fall victim to these scams,” the statement from the office of the governor reads.

“The governor has only one official Facebook account and does not promise people support online, therefore any other accounts claiming to represent him are fake promising people material support online are fake.”

It calls upon the members of the public to report such unauthorized and suspicious activities to authorities.

“Please report any suspicious activity to the appropriate authorities. While we appreciate the sharing of our content on other social media platforms, we ask that you attribute the content to us to avoid any confusion or misinformation,” it continued.

Several government officials have been victims of fraudulent acts on Facebook as scammers either begged money from people or promised loans and grants.

The government has always warned citizens to be vigilant to avoid any fraud from fraudulent individuals in the name of high-profile government officials.

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