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Community ready to bail Magwi Commissioner

By Aweye Teddy Onam


Acholi community commits to paying SSP 85 million and $19,000 to secure the release of Magwi County Commissioner, David Otto Remson.

Omeo Community chairman, Oryem Moses disclosed to No. 1 Citizen Daily Newspaper in an interview.

Mr. Otto who was arrested last year over the alleged murder of two businessmen in August, is now remanded to Juba Central Prison.

“The complainants said for the Commissioner to be released, the Acholi Community must pay 85 million for the deceased and $19,000 for the vehicle that was used by the deceased, some salts were found in the engine and it cost them a lot to repair the engine,” Oryem explained.

Oryem said, the community has agreed to contribute money for the commissioner’s release, but the complainants have refused to release him until the money is paid.

“Now, as for now, we are trying to find money so that we can pay the people. And then if they can release for us, the commissioner and other guys, we would be happy because we have no problem with them,” he continued.

The community chairperson said the case of the commissioner has been politicized and tribally charged.

“Actually, from the point of view from where we have started seeing monitoring this situation, this case, is politicized and there is also tribalism in this case because it is the first time in history that an active commissioner is being held without committing a crime and nobody take him to court,” Oryem mentioned.

Late last year, leaders representing seven Acholi clans condemned what they termed “wrongful arrest” and detention of the Commissioner.

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