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Lainya County authorities rescue abandoned baby

By Aweye Teddy Onam


In a positive display of sympathy and swift action, authorities in Lainya County of Central Equatoria State have come to the rescue of a day-old baby abandoned in a toilet.

The baby was found Tuesday morning crying near a toilet by neighbors, sparking a wave of concern within the community. The child was collected and taken to Lainya County Referral Hospital; for care

Upon learning of the situation of the child who survived the ordeal, the county commissioner Emmanuel Khamis said he directed the head of security to search for the woman who was later arrested.

He said the police did an investigation and found the woman.

“Fortunately, the woman was found but first denied the baby but when she was put through medical checkups, it was discovered that actually she was the mother of the baby,” he explained.

He said medical records revealed that the woman had come to the hospital seeking an abortion, but she was denied abortion as there is a standing order banning all forms of illegal abortions.

“This is not allowed here It is against the law because the unborn babies are innocent. They cannot be subjected to cruel death so there’s no practice, no medical practitioner is allowed to carry out abortions in the county,” Khamis added.

Khamis stated that abortion can only be done when it is medically recommended to save the mother, but any unnecessary abortion due to unwanted pregnancy is not allowed.

He said the woman acted out of frustration because the man who impregnated her was not taking responsibility for the pregnancy.

The Commissioner said the police investigated the woman and also arrested the man responsible for the pregnancy.

He however condemned the act of the woman and urged the government of South Sudan to legislate strong punishments for men who run around impregnating women and don’t take responsibility.

He emphasized that women carry a lot of burdens, such as pregnancy, childbirth, and taking care of the child, and men must act responsibly to ensure they don’t impregnate a woman and run away from responsibility.

Eva Kiongo, Program assistant of EVE Organization appreciates  Lainya County Commissioner for standing with the mother of the baby.

She advised ladies who are in relationships to engage third parties, even if they feel the friendship will not last long.

“Don’t hide it until when things have already gone now you come out so It is good to speak up, even if it feels like maybe this friendship will not last but it’s good to tell someone and in that way, somebody will be safe, because somebody, a witness will come up,” she advised.

She also encouraged girls to engage themselves with community work and not isolate themselves.

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