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Over 400 suspected gang members still in detention

By Aweye Teddy Onam


Police are still holding over 400 alleged gang members arrested in Juba late last year, beyond constitutional mandatory period of detention.

Police spokesperson General Daniel Justin said they are holding the suspected gang members and the investigation is still ongoing.

Gen. Justin said suspects are being held in Rajab police training.

“We are sharing the investigation under one of the generals from central so this thing is a continuous process,” he said.

Late last year, during a crackdown exercise, more than 400 suspected criminals were arrested which include “niggas”, Toronto boys and suspected individuals with dreadlocks in the Capital.

Although the move has been welcomed by the majority of residents in Juba, especially those whose neighbors bore the brunt of gang activities, a political activist urged the IGP to reconsider the order to arrest individuals with dreadlocks.

Also, a singer Menimen of Coozos Clan Music Group condemned the arrest of fellow singers and dozens of youth with dreadlocks during the crackdown on gangs in Juba.

Inspector General of Police, Gen Atem started his interstate tour on Wednesday last week as part of his six-month plan to measure the progress and challenges facing the police in ten states and three administrative areas

In his 21-day plan, the IGP focused on eliminating the operations of criminal gangs such as ‘Toronto Boys’ and ‘Niggas’.

Also, in the 90-day plan, Gen. Atem plans to establish police outposts along all four roads that lead to Juba city.

Meanwhile, in his six-month plan, he would focus on training the police forces, especially those who were transferred from SSPDF and deployed without proper policing training.

Meanwhile, on Monday the police in Wau Western Bahr El Ghazal also apprehended over 80 alleged gang members as part of an operation ordered by the Inspector General of Police Gen Atem Marol Biar.



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