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Over 600 returnees arrive Aweil East

By Hou Akot Hou


Since November, over 6,00 returnees have arrived in Aweil East county, fleeing the violent conflict in Western and Southern Kordofan states of Sudan.

Some of the returnees shared their ordeals with this outlet from Rum-aker payam in the Farflung highland areas bordering Sudan where they are camping under the trees.

Abuk Garang Deng, one of the returnees said they are depressed due to a lack of necessities such as food, water, and shelter.

“We just sit under the tree and we eat what comes at our disposal as we are lying in the open. Most people fled without their properties taken with them and no good utensils,” she narrated.

Mrs Abuk urged the state government to be pragmatic and do what is immediate to save lives.

Rum-aker Payam administrator, Mel Mel Deng, reported that nearly 50 people daily arrive at the payam, which borders Sudan, through dense forests on foot.

They pass through dense vegetation, cross by donkeys, and trek in groups, he said.

Mr. Mel said his core concept is to report the number to both the county and the state authorities to support such a returning population.

“I want to appeal to the authorities and the humanitarian organizations to come to us here in Rup-Aker village and see by their own eyes how these people are languishing under the trees,” said Mel.

“They are camping under trees some come using donkeys by crossing into the payam through a dense forest and we fear how the elderly and small children will survive such cold and they say the majority of the people in Sudan are faced with a lot of ills,” he maintained.

In response, the commissioner of Aweil East County, Mr. Kerbino Thiep Tong reiterated his county administration’s readiness to send a team to the area to ascertain the real number of the returning population and intervene in giving to the needy.

Mr. Thiep said he would share with the stakeholders such as International organizations about the number of people coming in from areas such as Majok-yithhiou, Angot, and other entry points of his county from Sudan.

On April 15, 2023, Khartoum descended into chaos, forcing about 1.1 million people to flee their homes in Sudan.

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